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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

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… Change Your Life!

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I offer Reiki energy healing and therapeutic sound to help clients achieve wellness and full potential. Clients are empowered and guided towards healthier, more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

It would be my privilege to assist you on your journey to healing by guiding you to Change Your Life!


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In Person appointments are available in north and central  London: Enfield Town Centre (EN1), Belgravia (SW1 nr Victoria Station), Monument (EC3) and Marylebone (W1).

If you are not local or unable to travel for an in person session, distant Reiki healing is also  available by appointment.

For further information or to book a Reiki session call me on (+44) 07936 970438 Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00. If I am unavailable, please leave a message including your number and I will return your call as soon as I can.

Alternatively, you may contact me using the form below.


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Stephen Weaver PhD

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Enter your full name and email address and write “Distance Healing” in the “Message” box on the Contact Page I will then send you an email with further details and instructions


Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Aids better sleep
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Helps with injuries and chronic conditions such as asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.
  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • Reduces side effects of drugs and aids the body to recover from drug therapy
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases vitality
  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing
  • Assists the body in detoxing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a vibrational healing modality now being recognised in the rapidly developing field of Energy Healing based on Vibrational Science.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’ and this brings us into balance and  therefore reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal itself at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a non-religious  tradition that is open to any belief system..

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Developed by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan in the 1920s, Reiki evolved as a result of his research, experience and dedication to healing. Before he died, Dr. Usui taught several Reiki Masters including Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a former naval officer. who established a Reiki clinic in Tokyo. Dr. Hayashi is credited with enhancing Dr. Usui’s original system, adding more hand positions and refining the attunement process. Dr. Hayashi trained  Reiki Masters in what is now known as the Usui Reiki Ryoho system of healing. One of his students, Mrs. Hawayo Takata, emigrated to the United States and was influential in bringing Reiki to the West.

Reiki is a safe, natural and effective healing modality that works on every level, not just the physical, and is understood to promote the body’s regenerative self-healing ability.


Reiki is a healing process that anyone can benefit from in the normal course of their life and research shows that Reiki can alleviate stress-related conditions. It should not, however, be regarded as a cure. As a natural form of healing Reiki can support and enhance other forms of therapy.

The method of receiving a Reiki treatment from a practitioner is simple. The recipient remains clothed and lies on a couch or sits on a chair and relaxes. The practitioner gently places their hands, non-intrusively, on or near the body. There is no massage or manipulation and the whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms.

Reiki natural healing combined with therapeautic sound can help you relax, heal and achieve your greatest potential.

My Journey

Stephen Weaver PhD

“The result of my life is no more than three words:
I was raw, I became cooked, I was burnt”


My journey through healing has been (and continues to be) a long and difficult process. Broken relationships, anxiety, depression, near bankruptcy, you name it … I have the T-shirt.

In 2011, following an incredibly painful relationship breakup, I sought solutions to help me through it and tried Reiki healing. I subsequently received attunements at both Level 1 and Level 2. It helped but life got in the way and I was focussed on my teaching career.

Fast forward to January 2021 when my partner, Isabelle Goutines,  a therapist and healer,  was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 3 to 6 months to live. A trained therapist and healer, lifelong vegetarian (she never liked meat) and Yoga teacher, she enjoyed walking, swimming and cycling and is the last person who should have developed cancer. This disease is indiscriminate! 

Stepen Weaver PhD Usui Reiki Master

Reiki Changed My Life!

Reiki is Safe & Effective


After 8 months of distant healing combined with a regime of nutritional and herbal supplements and homeopathy, the tumours had all but disappeared. This reignited my interest in Reiki so I took a couple of  online courses as a refresher. Once having been attuned, Reiki is for life but I felt I needed to revisit the process so I then embarked on in person training and  received direct ‘hands on’ attunements.

After my Reiki attunements, my diet changed – I didn’t change it – it was an organic process. I reduced red meat to zero and topped up with greens, fruit and water.

I lost 6kg in weight in 3 months, was sleeping better and felt better physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Reiki Works!


I have a PhD in Psychology so I completely understand any skepticism about ‘energy healing’ or ‘woo-woo’ etc. but the scientific evidence is is growing and there is an increasing number of peer reviewed papers published in scientific journals which demonstrate that Reiki is both safe and  effective. Reiki is one of the few complementary therapies used in hospitals, Integrative Medicine, hospices and palliative care for those with life-limiting conditions.

Following the side effects of chemotherapy, Isabelle required two extended Hospice stays. As a result, I now work as a volunteer Complementary Therapist offering Reiki to staff, patients and families at the Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead, London.


Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

My Credentials

Academic & Vocational Qualifications

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Practitioner & Teacher
  • BA (Hons) Psychology & Theology

  • PhD Psychology

  • National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy Certificate (with Distinction) and Diploma (with Distinction) in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation, The Complementary Medical Association (UK) and The Center for Reiki Research (USA). I adhere to strict Codes of Conduct and Ethics and I hold full Professional  Indemnity Insurance

My Usui Reiki Lineage



My Western Reiki Lineage from Dr.Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui > Chujiro Hayashi > Hawayo Takata > Phyllis Lei Furumoto > Carrell Ann Farmer > Leah Smith > William Lee Rand > Elizabeth Gilberg > William S. Tupkal > Lynne Blanchard > Lindy Barron > Jollean Matsen > Stephanie Rink > Michael Kaufmann > Stephen Weaver 

Usui Reiki Ryoho

Change Your Mind …
… Change Your Life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reiki a religion?

Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion. Practitioners and clients are not asked to change any religious or spiritual beliefs they may have. They are free to continue believing anything they choose and are encouraged to make their own decisions concerning the nature of their religious practices.


How is Reiki given?

In a standard treatment Reiki the client is fully clothed and may be seated or laying on a massage table. The practitioner places her/his hands on or near the clients body in a series of hand positions. These include positions around the head and shoulders, the stomach, and feet. Other, more specific, positions may be used based on the clients needs. Each position is held for a time depending on the client needs at each position. The whole treatment usually lasts between 45 and 90 minutes.

Will I possibly feel Reiki after the practitioner has withdrawn their hands?

Yes.  When you treat an area with Reiki, the energy often keeps on working there even after the hands have been removed.  A healing response has been triggered and can be felt sometimes for hours after the treatment – just like the nutrients from our food stay in the body long after we have eaten.


Is there any scientific evidence for Reiki?
What is a Reiki lineage?

Reiki is passed from Master to student through a process of ‘Attunement’ in which a student is brought into resonance with the vibration of Reiki – think of tuning an instrument like a guitar with a tuning fork.

Attunements may be given in person or at a distance. For membership of many UK professional organisations, including the UK Reiki Federation, practitioners must have received their attunments in person from a Reiki Master and each Reiki practitioner is part of a succession of Reiki Masters and Teachers leading back to the founder of the system of Reiki they are  practicing. In my case (Usui Reiki Ryoho), my Reiki lineage  leads directly to the founder Dr. Mikao Usui.

Is Reiki safe during pregnancy?

Yes. Absolutely. It is not only safe but can benefit both mother and baby.


What does a Reiki session feel like?

The experience of Reiki varies but most clients feel deeply  relaxed. Many feel a glowing radiance that flows through and surrounds them. As Reiki  encourages one to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear and other negative feelings a state of calmness and well-being is very common. By the end of a Reiki session clients usually feel refreshed with a more positive, balanced outlook.


Why isn't Reiki healing free?

It is! Reiki is given free of payment however practitioners, including myself, charge for our time and please remember many of us have invested a considerable amount of money, time and energy in our training and continue to do so with Continuing Professional Development. There is also the cost of memberships of professional organisations,  insurance, administration and travel etc. Reiki practitioners like everyone else must pay for a roof over our heads and to put food on the table so it is perfectly reasonable to charge professional fees.

Can Reiki upset the balance of the client’s energy if standard hand positions are not used?

No.  There is no danger of that.  Reiki will flow where it needs to go and will never violate a healthy balance.


Does reiki have any side effects?

Most of the time a client will feel relaxed and uplifted by a Reiki treatment. However, sometimes clients will experience what is called a healing crisis. This may include headache, stomach ache or mild weakness. If this happens, it is advisable to drink more water, eat lighter meals and get more rest. The body is cleansing as part of the healing process so this is a good sign.


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